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vFlyer User Survey January 2016 Part 1

by Aaron Sperling

The year is off to a good start. The vFlyer Team is working on a new set of marketing capabilities for all of you. To that end, we created a pop-up poll asking you what we can add to make your marketing more effective.  This posting is about thanking you for making suggestions and to share some feedback. 1) Listing Syndication Error Reporting - One user wants to receive a report if a listing didn't syndicate properly. Our team will research to find the best way to address this. 2) Contact Request Follow-up - Two users requested a way to simplify the follow-up with contact requests made on their listings.  One person suggested adding an auto-responder. Another requested an easier way to see listing specific contact requests.  We already have some ideas to handle this and hope to release some added capabilities within the next 4-6 weeks. 3) Ability to rotate photos - This has become a more important request because several mobile phones are creating images with metadata that cause the photos to be oriented incorrectly (often sideways).  We released an update to our service on January 24, 2016 to attempt to address this. If it doesn't, we will add a rotate feature to the listing photo gallery page. 4) Managing old listings (rentals) - This is a common practice of property managers. They will want to re-market a property when the tenant notifies them of their move-out.  Today, vFlyer users can unpublish the listing. It will remain in their account unless they delete them. Thus, they can be re-published as needed. These unpublished/expired listings are not counted towards the active flyer limit. They are counted towards the total flyer limit.  If you need more total flyers but not more active flyers, notify support. We can do a custom upgrade to add total flyers. 5) More font and color customization options - vFlyer does provide a theme editor to customize fonts, colors, and other visual elements of your marketing content. These custom themes can be applied to most of the layouts, but not the new Contemporary and Fullscreen Photo layouts. If you need additional customizations, contact support. 6) Make the street address of a listing on the Flyer.jsp more readable - We added the street address of a listing to the Flyers.jsp back in December. It was a much celebrated and long overdue addition. Our team will update the font weight on the street address to bold. 7) Autoposting Craigslist ads - We had a few requests about Craigslist including the ability to autopost. Unfortunately, the Craigslist marketplace doesn't support that. Thus, we recommend that you follow their marketplace rules. 8) Add listing syndication partners - We are regularly evaluating new listing syndication partners. We expect to add a few new ones in the next few months. 9) Expiry Listing Notification - We deployed a fix on January 24, 2016 so that an email will be sent when one of your listings expire. 10) Add a Carfax link to automobile listings - In the flyer editor, there is the ability to add as many custom links as you would like. Thus, if you have a Carfax link, you can easily add it. Thank you for your valuable suggestions. Please keep them coming.  

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Branded Images — The Latest Addition to your vFlyer Toolbox

by Sergio Mariscal

We all know branding is crucial for our businesses’ marketing. I mean, how else would potential clients know who’s behind your amazing offerings? Well, with the release of our Branded Image feature for vFlyer you can now brand the images …

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by Skai Kang

BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, With the recent launch of Responsive sites, vFlyer has made it easier than ever for site builders to update their websites to be compatible on all devices.

Today more and more people relying on mobile phones and tablets to browse the internet it is more important than ever to make sure your website is optimized for not just your computer but your mobile phone and tablet, herbal LASIX. Doses LASIX work, Below are a few sites to inspire you to take your website mobile too.

27 Moments

Smith Group

Along with having a great looking site, LASIX online cod, LASIX overnight, responsive sites also have a handful of other benefits here are just a few:

  • Improved performance

  • Wider browser support

  • Improved SEO

To learn more about our responsive sites check out our Mobile FAQs or for instructions on how you can upgrade your vFlyer Site to be responsive follow these instructions.. Australia, uk, us, usa. LASIX from mexico. Buy LASIX without a prescription. LASIX results. Buy LASIX no prescription. LASIX class. LASIX no rx. LASIX dosage. LASIX forum. LASIX samples. LASIX interactions. LASIX without prescription. Where to buy LASIX. Order LASIX online overnight delivery no prescription. Effects of LASIX. Get LASIX. Where can i order LASIX without prescription. Where can i find LASIX online. My LASIX experience. Cheap LASIX no rx. LASIX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy LASIX online no prescription. LASIX price, coupon. LASIX photos. Kjøpe LASIX på nett, köpa LASIX online. Where can i buy cheapest LASIX online.

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by Skai Kang

STENDRA OVER THE COUNTER, Building a website is the first step to creating an online presence, but how do you know if your website is working?

Tracking activity and how visitors are interacting with your site is essential to understanding how you can improve your website to increase engagement. STENDRA schedule, Higher engagement means visitors are getting the information they want and are more likely to convert into customers. One of the best tools for tracking website activity is Google Analytics - it's both free and incredibly powerful, STENDRA canada, mexico, india. Discount STENDRA, All you need is a Gmail account to get started.

With vFlyer sites, we make Google Analytics integration a simple process, real brand STENDRA online. Taking STENDRA, What’s more, we've developed a special conversion dashboard which brings in key metrics from Google Analytics with a focus on measuring how well your site is converting visitors, buy generic STENDRA. From the conversion dashboard you can easily track website events, bounces, conversions and page views, STENDRA OVER THE COUNTER. STENDRA pictures, This dashboard provides concise visuals and table views of activity from your Google Analytics account.

To enable the conversion dashboard for your vFlyer Site you must first sign up for a Google Analytics account. Once you have set up your account you can follow the steps below to link your vFlyer Site to your Google Analytics account and enable the conversion dashboard, STENDRA trusted pharmacy reviews. STENDRA australia, uk, us, usa, Start by logging into your vFlyer account and navigating to the vSites dashboard. On your dashboard you will notice Traffic at a Glance which summarizes new visitors, no prescription STENDRA online, Buy STENDRA from mexico, visits and page views by day for your website. STENDRA OVER THE COUNTER, To take your analytics one step further, enable the Conversion Dashboard.

After clicking the link for the conversion dashboard you will be prompted to grant vFlyer sites access to your Google Analytics information, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. STENDRA use, This will allow your analytics information to feed directly to vFlyer Sites and display on the Conversion Dashboard. Choose Accept to allow access.

For users with more than one Google Analytics profile you will have to select the specific  account associated with your vFlyer Site, STENDRA recreational. Fast shipping STENDRA, Otherwise, just click Save to pull information from the defaulted account.

 After the information is saved, STENDRA duration, STENDRA dangers, voila, the conversion dashboard will be enabled for your vFlyer site and view-able through your home dashboard.

With both a visual and table view - you can get a summary of your website activity at a glance.

The gauges represent conversion rates for your website, where can i cheapest STENDRA online. Conversion rates are the proportion of visitors to a website who take a particular action, like fill out a contact form, STENDRA OVER THE COUNTER. Canada, mexico, india, With the conversion dashboard you get three different views - Overall conversion rate, conversion rate for new visitors and conversion rate for returning visitors.

The bar graphs below the gauges measure the engagement on your website - overall visitor engagement, cheap STENDRA, After STENDRA, new visitor engagement and returning visitor engagement. Engagement is measured through bounces, order STENDRA from mexican pharmacy, Is STENDRA addictive, multi-page visits, events, ordering STENDRA online, STENDRA wiki, and conversions.

Bounces - Person visits one page and exits the site
Multi-page - Person visits multiple pages and exits the site
Events - Video plays, lead capture and file downloads
Conversions - Contact forms and calls

By enabling the Conversion Dashboard for your vFlyer Site - you can gain valuable information to help you plan your marketing strategies and optimize your website to keep visitors coming back, STENDRA cost. STENDRA for sale, Start testing different calls to action, button colors, where can i buy STENDRA online, STENDRA images, or videos to try to increase your conversion rate. Like the famed management guru Peter F, generic STENDRA. Drucker said, “What’s measured improves.” So start measuring.


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by Skai Kang

Feliz Viernes todos or Happy Friday all!

STENDRA FOR SALE, With the weekend around the corner I just wanted to share a few notes from our latest release this past Wednesday. STENDRA price,  This week we enabled the Google Language Translate widget for your flyer landing pages - now your marketing flyers are even more versatile and can be viewed in 71 different languages. Anything from Afrikaans, STENDRA brand name, Buy STENDRA online cod, Telugu, to Spanish, buy cheap STENDRA no rx, Online buying STENDRA, Korean and Chinese just to name a few.

Here's an example of a translated flyer:

To enable Google Language Translator - Login to your vFlyer account and in the Settings section of your flyer editor simply check the box 'Include Google Language Translator' and publish your flyer.

To translate your flyer, simply scroll to the bottom of your landing page and find the 'Select Language' button - choose a language and voila, is STENDRA safe, STENDRA pharmacy, your flyer will change to the specified language. Now with the language selector, buying STENDRA online over the counter, Order STENDRA no prescription, you can reach even more people with your flyers. The possibilities are endless and your marketing capabilities are no longer limited to just English.

While vFlyer Sites have always offered customizable URLs on pages, STENDRA from canada, STENDRA blogs, we have made improvements that will please those of you employing SEO best practices on your sites. Page URLs are no longer dependent on menu items which will make life easier for anyone re-organizing a site, STENDRA FOR SALE. Any page you create will now by default use the page name as the URL - and you can update this however you like, STENDRA dose. STENDRA without a prescription, Also, you can now modify the URL of a listing detail page to make sure it utilizes a relevant keyword, STENDRA mg. Buy STENDRA without prescription, If you find some time over the weekend - here are some helpful instructions for editing your websites URLs and a quick guide to take you through the basics of SEO with vFlyer Sites.

Thanks again to all of our users who have given us feature requests, STENDRA over the counter, STENDRA maximum dosage, reported bugs, and in general helped us improve our service. We've got more improvements to our services coming, STENDRA natural, STENDRA long term, so keep an eye out for announcements in the next couple of months.

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